Buy a Brick Build a House

You are here because you’ve taken keen interest to know more about this fundraising campaign we’ve just launched and the inspiring family that we are seeking to assist. Firstly, we would like to give out a huge thank you for the time and interest you have shown in this cause; through your help and support, there is much hope for a successful project, but moreover, there is hope for a family and the community at large.  This project is not the end of its kind, but it is the first step towards assisting many more families like the Ngcobo family. Our ultimate goal is that each and every community should have the basic necessity of sustainable housing and means creating for them to continue sustaining themselves.




On this platform we will give the finer details of how these funds will be utilized and also have a look at the team working on this project, which represents various nationalities, races and backgrounds; adding to the sentimentalism invested in this work. It’s a work that all humanity our diversity should work together to see its completion.


Breakdown of Build

The amount that we’ll be working on for this construction is $10 000 and it has been divided as follows for the construction of the house:

Bedroom 1           – $2 000 (Floor, Wall & Ceiling Finished)

Bedroom 2          – $2 000 (Floor, Wall & Ceiling Finished)

Kitchen                – $2 000 (Floor, Wall & Ceiling Finished)

Living Room     – $2 000 (Floor, Wall & Ceiling Finished)

Toilet                  – $2 000 (Finished & with all appliances)

Total: $10 000

The Team behind the Project

Looking at the individuals leading this task; it is an instant joy to see how it’s a group which comprises of members from all corners of the world. This project does not only stand to change the lives of the communities we are reaching out to, but even more so it has in many way opened the eyes and minds of many members in this team, to the greater goal and mandate that is beckoning for architecture to achieve; and this realization has been warmly and positively received by all members of the team.


Introducing the team, from left to right: Pearl Shivonna (Malaysia); Byng Goo Lee (South Korea); Rebecca Fuller (US); Kevin Leong (Singapore); Gala Ualita (American Samoa); George Simpson (US); Nadine N. Rios (Puerto Rico); Seth Haley (US), Wandile Mthiyane (South Africa). Prof. Andrew von Maur (Germany); Edith Garcia (US); John Rivers (US); Angie Figueroa (US); Lizeth Molina (Mexico); Stephen Allcock (UK)
Introducing the team, from left to right: Pearl Shivonna (Malaysia); Byng Goo Lee (South Korea); Rebecca Fuller (US); Kevin Leong (Singapore); Gala Ualita (American Samoa); George Simpson (US); Nadine N. Rios (Puerto Rico); Seth Haley (US), Wandile Mthiyane (South Africa). Prof. Andrew von Maur (Germany); Edith Garcia (US); Robert Rivers (US); Angie Figueroa (US); Lizeth Molina (Mexico); Stephen Allcock (UK)

This is a team of young architecture students who have decided to take up the duty of instigating change in the world, by starting with this community. There is nothing much in terms of possessions or funds to make this feesible, but one thing they have; and that will carry them through to the fulfilment of their  vision, is their passion and determination to get this done. One of the leading inspirations of this student movement is that it is a service to God and God’s people, because our duty is to not only take care of ourselves, but to take care of those who do not have the means to take care of themselves.

It is also very important to understand that even though the architecture students are leading with the design of the project, it is the community that will be hands on with with the actual construction; thus creating employment for the members of the community, as well as a sense of involvement in the making of the place they will call home. This shows that this is not a vision that is only shared by one party, but everybody as a community works together for the fulfillment of this vision.


Furthermore to these developments, we would like to leave something that will continue to sustain the family and the whole community at large even beyond our period of being there. As a result, the Ngcobo family will come up with a business plan on how they will run a fruit market that will be designed to be attached to their house. This is a very exciting prospect because not only does it open up an opportunity for the family, but it also offers an extensive service to the whole community.

Upon the completion of these phases, we would have successfully carried out our three key mandates, that it; 1) Listening to build, 2) Creating opportunities for growth, and 3) Empowering and building communities.


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