Change in Transit

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We are in the midst of a truly life changing experience which has surpassed all expectation, and created opportunities which we could have never foreseen or orchestrated. Over the last few weeks we have been on site working tirelessly on the construction and we’d like to take this time to share some of the amazing events that have taken place during this time.

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The commencement of the construction saw us work with three local boys, as part of our mantra to have community members play an active role in the development of their community. One of the boys is the son of the benefitting families, and then we have two of his friends who have been very active, diligent and excited about this project just as much as we are. We furthermore have about 5 experienced local builders who are there to guide and lead the way in the construction of the house.

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One of the major highlights of this incredible projects has been the formation of relationships and the building of bridges which were to many inconceivable. With South Africa being in the post-apartheid period, it’s always been a dream to see the coming together and working together of all races, cultures and backgrounds to create something beautiful and erase the dark memories of the past. For several reasons, this transition has not always been as smooth as we would’ve hoped as a nation, with traces of racial discrimination still evident in certain parts.

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This is where we witnessed a truly remarkable spectacle, where people from different races and backgrounds converged, all in the common interest of making this building for the Mtshali family a success. For most of them, it was the first time time actually going down to see the unfortunate conditions that some people have been resigned to stay in, and in turn this gave them a sort of social obligation to be agents of relief to the families which have been frozen out of any sort of aid. For the community, this was also a marvel because in the entirety of their lives, they had never, or even thought they would ever see the day where they receive any sort of help from any other race except their own.

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We consider this to be the rise of an invaluable method, which can otherwise be referred to as the Jesus Business Canvas Model. Usually when an organization carries out certain projects, it’s the end result that matters the most, it is what either makes the project a success or a failure. While this may be true, it also cannot stand as the only measure of a successful project. This is why in this model, the focus is not merely on completing the project, but moreover it is on the process by which we get there. An extensive amount of work and special attention is given to this phase of the project, for 3 specific reasons. 1) We create employment opportunities for the local community members. 2) we help the young people in the community to develop skills in order to improve their own communities and very importantly 3) this is in keeping with the “Jesus Method” as outlined by Ellen White, about mingling with the people, providing their needs and desiring for their good.
We believe that this is more far-reaching and valuable above the accomplishment of finishing the project.

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We sincerely thank everyone who has been involved in this project thus far, from all the corners of the world. Please do continue to support us and share the work and change that is being instilled to those who are less fortunate. Change is in transit, don’t be left behind!


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